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Recognizing that most environments require strict quality inspection, RRI1000 Series are primed to meet your needs
to have a thorough and complete quality check.

RRI1000 series are designed for tape reel inspection and can work in constrained space in X-Ray machine.


Designed to work and fit within common X-Ray inspection systems in the market, and catered for different mounting needs through available retrofit kits.

Meant for components and devices packed into embossed tape reels, compatible with most packaging reel standards.

Indexing capability to inspect and allow thorough check on each component or device.

Operate in either manual or automatic modes, and optimize inspection steps, e.g. minimize door opening and closing
in X-Ray inspection system, and thus reduce frequent starting/stopping of X-Ray system.

Optional Integrations

Reject Identification System, marking devices/components within X-Ray Inspection systems

USB Computer Control Interface, providing capability to allow signals from computer to control/handle motion/indexing.


Compact Design, Fit in Most X-Ray Machines (With Retrofit Kits)

Compatible with Most Standard Reel Sizes

Easy Installation and Removal

Configurable For Different Tape Widths

Configurable For Different Device Lengths

Easy To Learn and Use

Simple Buttons Control and LCD Display

Manual or Auto Indexing

Bi-Directional Indexing

Programmable Speed Control

Optional Add-on Module - Reject Identification System

Optional Control Via PC Computer-based System