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Horiver Mechatronics provides Automation and Vision solutions during quality assurance/testing process in the following areas:

Robotic and Automation for handling and loading test subjects into and out of inspection systems, minimizing damage and reducing manual interactions.

Subsystem components such as indexer, 3D rotator, inker system, etc. that work with and complement existing inspection systems to enhance their
functionalities and improve operability in different testing requirements.

Vision solution that picks up real time images from inspection systems and perform defect/reject identifications, thus eliminating eyeball inspections

Robotic & Automation SimplifIED

Simplify with automated
handling, loading and
control of test subjects
into inspection systems


Powerful imaging
solutions for failure
analysis with high accuracy
and consistency

Subsystem Components

Complementary automation subsystem components for inspection systems (X-Ray,
Optical, etc)

Specialized Customization

Matching unique and
specific customer's
automation requirements
with our expertise