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Inker system, INK110B, is an ideal and reliable solution for semiconductor processes that require physical ink marking on wafers.

It offers lower cost of investment that still achieves its practical purpose and it also serves as a good back-up option to digital image marking whenever there is a need arises for physical marking.


Integrate easily withdifferent makes of optical inspection systems.

Work well with common brands of ink cartridge. Dependent on the type of ink cartridges used, our inker system can mark die size down to 20mil.

Thisinker system is also an integrable part of our complete Visual Inspection Solution (model VIS1000), used to identify any reject before wafer saw and after wafer saw (mark reject for die crack and die chipping after wafer-saw) with motorized stage and camera. Please check with our sales team for more info.


• Controller box for Inker Setting and Configuration
• Reliable and Consistent Ink Discharge To Minimize Ink Wastage
• Adjustable Setting To Produce Clearer and Consistent Inkblot Marking
• Periodical Auto-Discharge During Unused/Sleep Mode To Avoid Inker’s Tip From Being Dried
• Miniature Precision XYZ Table For Fine Adjustment Of Ink Cartridge’s Positioning
• Attachable Jig To Hold Inker To Microscope Or Camera In Steady And Stable Position
• Four Digital Counters For Auto-counting Each Time A Reject Is Marked
• Higher “Standby” Position For Inker's Needle Not In Use To Minimize Contact/Damage When Operator Loads/Unloads Test Subject