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Material Loader - LFL1000


LFL1000 is essential and indispensable equipment to automate material loading and unloading during production
and quality inspection. Cost effective and reliable solution to reduce risks of damaged materials during handling, and achieve increased productivity.


LFL1000 is designed to work with general production equipment and quality inspection equipment in semiconductor industry.

Minimize physical handling to avoid any damage on materials.

Loading for 1 single magazine, and transferring materials such as substrates and leadframes from magazine to production equipment or inspection systems with the help from mechanical robot arm.


• Easily Integrated With Diverse Production and Quality Inspection Equipment

• PC-Based Controlled and Programmable Motions For Handling Systems

• Programmable Slot Pitch

• Up-Down Elevator Index Based On Slot Pitch

• Precise And Sensitive Handling With Pneumatic Gripper

• Magazine Presence Detection

• Leadframe/Substrate Jam Detection